BU | BUG co-host international mahseer conservation workshop in Kochi, India

Apr 10, 2017

BU | BUG co-hosted the first international workshop on mahseer conservation last week in Kochi, India. The event was jointly organised by Bournemouth University, Mahseer Trust and Kerala University of Fisheries and Oceanic Sciences (KUFOS).


Delegates at Mahseer 2017 – International Workshop on Mahseer Conservation


Adrian Pinder, BUG Director and Director of Research and International Relations of the Mahseer Trust, played a key role in pulling the event together, which attracted a total of 60 delegates from throughout the mahseer range countries, in addition to a large interest on social media outlets during the event. Throughout the duration of the conference, nearly 19,000 people from 51 countries engaged with the updates and live broadcasts on the Mahseer Trust Facebook page.


BUG Director, Adrian Pinder, presenting on the endangered humpbacked mahseer


A live Q&A session was broadcast on the Facebook page, with a panel of experts answering questions sent in from people around the globe. Included on the expert panel was BUG Associate, Mark Everard, who presented and answered questions on ecosystem services and the wider benefits of mahseer conservation.


BUG Associate, Mark Everard, presenting on ecosystem services and the broader benefits of mahseer conservation

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