BUG endangered fish research in international press

May 22, 2015

Adrian Pinder discovered that the humpback Mahseer fish is in danger of becoming extinct within the next generation unless protections are put in place.

The fish, known for its size and resilience is one of the world’s most iconic freshwater species, and is found in South and Southeast Asian rivers. BUG Director Pinder led a study into the conservation status of 17 species of Mahseer over the last five years, with the fish now added to the endangered species list.

Talking about the project, Pinder said, “It all stems from my interest as an angler, when as a boy I had read about this great fish. My current priority is on sourcing specimens of the endemic humpbacked Mahseer.

“When you consider that the iconic Giant Panda and tiger are classified as ‘endangered’ this puts things in context and demonstrates the urgency to act in sourcing native fish for culturing in local hatcheries”.

Results from the study were published in the Endangered Species Research international research journal, but publications including Scientific American, World Fishing and Aquaculture, PHYS.org, and EScienceNews also covered the story.

In the UK the research featured in Wednesday’s Daily Echo, while the story also made tracks in India. Here, theBangalore Mirror, Delhi Daily News, The Telegraph India, Business Standard, Daily Pioneer and others featured the research.

BU’s world-leading research is having an international impact on the natural world.

Source https://www1.bournemouth.ac.uk/news/2015-05-22/bu-endangered-fish-research-featured-international-press

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