BUG hosts Natural England training workshops on the monitoring of migratory fishes

Mar 10, 2016

BUG Director Adrian Pinder has recently teamed up with Steve Colclough of SC2 to design and deliver a national training programme for Natural England staff on the monitoring of migratory fishes. With particular emphasis on protected species (e.g. eel, shads, smelt, salmonids and lampreys), the regional courses extend over two days. With day one dedicated to covering legislation, state-of-the-art knowledge of individual species life cycles, habitat use and the range of existing data and monitoring tools available to monitor stocks (e.g. fish counters, rod catch records, standard stock assessment, biotelemetry and redd counts); day two provides opportunity for a more interactive workshop.

Armed with the knowledge from Day 1,  individual NE staff have the opportunity to present their own current regulatory challenges through a series of case studies. Splitting into small working groups, participants are then challenged with developing robust monitoring strategies to assess population performance and detect anthropogenic impacts.

With expert input from Adrian and Steve, survey approaches are discussed and further developed to provide the most cost-effective and scientifically robust solutions for assessing risk, population performance and mitigation options.

BUG can offer a range of bespoke training courses. To discuss your individual needs, or just ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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