BUG takes to the skies with drone surveys

May 25, 2017

BUG has recently obtained Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) to conduct aerial surveys using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS), or drones. Our in-house fleet of four drones are used for a range of purposes, from assessing archaeological digs to mapping habitats and species.

However, the addition of PfCO to our capabilities means that we can now expand these services beyond an internal research capacity and offer clients cost effective aerial survey work as part of our services portfolio.


Drone surveys are a great tool for river habitat mapping


BUG’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved drone pilots are experienced in flying in a range of scenarios and operate under a comprehensive SUAS Operations Manual, ensuring safe and effective acquisition of high quality aerial survey data.


BUG has a fleet of four drones, along with a comprehensive geoinformatics suite for image processing


Drones can cost effectively capture aerial imagery to create orthomosaics at resolutions as low as 1 cm/pixel


Click here to see what aerial survey services we can provide, and feel free to get in touch for an informal discussion about any aerial survey requirements.

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