Leading invertebrate taxonomist, John Davy-Bowker, joins BUG as an Associate Ecological Consultant

Sep 8, 2017

BUG is delighted to welcome John Davy-Bowker into the team as an Associate Ecological Consultant. John has worked closely with BUG over the years and it gives us great pleasure to be able to formalise this working relationship to further expand our capacity and expertise in freshwater bio-assessment.


John Davy-Bowker joins BUG as an Associate Ecological Consultant


John has spent over 25 years championing improvements in river health through a career with the National Rivers Authority, Environment Agency, Institute of Freshwater Ecology, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, and most recently the Natural History Museum and Freshwater Biological Association. He is a highly experienced freshwater biologist and is well known as an established researcher on biomonitoring, having led many of the recent research and development projects on RIVPACS and RICT, the industry standard tools for macroinvertebrate-based assessments of river quality.

John is an expert on bio-monitoring, including field sampling methods, laboratory analysis, quality assurance, data handling and reporting. Healso pursues active research interests in long term monitoring, rare freshwater species captive rearing, and the development of new tools for citizen science engagement in freshwaters. He has published 21 peer reviewed scientific papers and over 125 scientific research reports.

John serves on a number of technical and management advisory boards, including being a steering group member of the Keeping Rivers Cool Project and an occasional member of the UK Water Framework Directive Technical Advisory Group: Freshwater Task Team invertebrate group. John also regularly tutors professional training courses in freshwater invertebrate identification and also hosts university, college and school groups.

For any enquiries relating to BUG’s freshwater invertebrate and bio-assessment services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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