Lamprey strategy for the Dee and Humber estuaries (2017)

Client: Natural England

BUG was commissioned by Natural England to develop a ‘lamprey strategy’ for the Dee and Humber estuaries, with a view to gaining a wider understanding of the species distribution and population status of river lamprey and sea lamprey throughout both catchments.

The key aim of the strategy was to address fundamental knowledge gaps on the population status and threats facing both migratory species, with a particular emphasis on their role as designated features of the Dee Estuary / Aber Dyfrdwy Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and the Humber Estuary SAC, Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Ramsar site.

A fundamental aspect of this project was to review and critique the current Common Standards Monitoring (CSM) guidance and Condition Assessment approach for lamprey, as applied to the Dee and Humber catchments, but also applicable UK-wide.

The outputs provide a series of recommendations to further our understanding of the ecology and population status of all three UK lamprey species throughout the UK; with a particular focus on understanding the efficacy of the current CSM guidance and Condition Assessment methodology in monitoring population status.

“…working with BUG staff has been a pleasure; professional and knowledgeable – it made our job easy. Everything was clearly laid out with good communication, providing exactly what the project specification asked for.” (Natural England)

“At all times the staff were fantastic; they listened to our requirements, but also offered great ideas and improvements to the work. They were enthusiastic about the project, which made the whole piece of work feel even more worthwhile.” (Natural England)

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