New Forest streams restoration appraisal (2015 – 2016)

Client: Forestry Commission

BUG was commissioned by the Forestry Commission to conduct pre- and post-restoration appraisals of the macro-invertebrate communities in four streams within the New Forest in southern England.

Utilising a project team composed of experts from BUG and the Freshwater Biological Association (FBA), pre-and post-restoration biodiversity surveys of the four New Forest Streams were conducted in April and October 2015, and March and May 2016. The purpose of the surveys was to provide pre-restoration baseline assessments, together with post-restoration assessments, against which to assess the success of hydromorphological stream restoration work in restoring ecological quality.

This work exemplifies best-practice on the part of the Forestry Commission in commissioning pre-restoration surveys to properly understand the ecological outcomes associated with its work.

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