Rare and Protected Fish Species

BUG is actively involved in the survey, research, conservation and management of rare and protected fish species; including sea lamprey, the critically endangered European eel and the legendary hump-backed mahseer of India’s River Cauvery.


  • BUG works closely with the Mahseer Trust, which aims to conserve and protect the legendary hump-backed mahseer in India’s River Cauvery. Adrian Pinder is a key figure in the research team aiming to re-establish and conserve this iconic fish species.

How can BUG help?

BUG can offer a range of services, from providing expert scientific advice to large-scale ecological monitoring programmes:


  • Lampreys surveys – sampling juveniles and adults
  • Eel surveys – bespoke sampling for all life stages from glass eel recruitment to silver eel emigration
  • Wide range of species – Atlantic salmon, shad, coregonids, European eel, lamprey, mahseer
  • Population dynamics
  • Genetic analysis
  • Bespoke research programmes

For an informal discussion on any aspect of fish protection and conservation