BUG has broad ranging terrestrial ecology expertise; from botanical and protected species surveys to habitat management advice and Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA).



  • Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)
  • Botanical surveys (Phase 1 Habitat Classification)
  • Protected species surveys (e.g. reptiles, amphibians and bats)
  • Spatial dynamics of species and habitats
  • Carbon management/assessment
  • Subterranean mapping of badger setts using Ground Probing Radar (GPR)
  • Habitat management advice
  • Behavioural Impact Assessment (BIA)
  • Ecosystem Service assessment
  • GIS mapping
  • Habitat design/creation/restoration
  • Radio tracking investigations
  • Invasive species risk-assessment and management
  • Pest species management
  • Genetics
  • Desk top & systematic literature review
  • Expert witness services
  • Training
  • Bespoke research and development

Pest species management

Habitat management advice

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