The state of the Thames – keynote talk by Adrian Pinder

Jul 28, 2017

BUG Director, Adrian Pinder, recently joined select experts to deliver a series of talks which focused on the ecological recovery of the tidal River Thames. The event was hosted by the Zoological Society of London’s Institute of Zoology at London Zoo and attracted a full house, with audience numbers exceeding 300. The event was chaired by Richard Aylard of Thames Water who provided a scene setting introduction to the evening.

The first of three main talks was presented by Joe Pecorelli of ZSL, which focused on the impressive scale of citizen science projects currently underway on some of the tributary rivers. Adrian Pinder (BUG) then talked about the dynamics of estuaries and their importance to fish populations globally as a precursor to focussing in on a current collaborative project between BUG, ZSL and SC2 which aims to elucidate the temporal and spatial utilisation of the Thames Estuary by 0+ fishes.


BUG Director, Adrian Pinder, presenting on the importance of estuaries for juvenile fish


The final presentation was given by Joanna Barker who talked about ZSL’s research, citizen science and stakeholder engagement strategy to inform seal conservation in the greater Thames Estuary. The evening was wrapped up with a 40 minute Q&A session with the panel of experts taking questions from the floor.


The presentations were followed by a Q&A session involving Adrian Pinder (BUG), Joe Pecorelli (ZSL) and Joanna Barker (ZSL)


Adrian and the other speakers also recorded a ZSL podcast discussing their specialist areas of research before the event and this, along with recordings of the talks and presentation slides, can be accessed at the link below:

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